Synego MD

Plastic windows REHAU SYNEGO are designed for the production of Class A
residential and non-residential windows with special sound and heat insulation. The
80 mm deep plastic window system is optimally adapted to the most popular triple
glazing, which allows you to maintain warmth in the home. The principles of system
installation are simple, so it is suitable for both new and renovated houses.
Compared to old wooden windows, SYNEGO profile system windows are up to 50%
better in terms of thermal insulation. They significantly reduce heating costs and
increase the value of your property.
The window surface of the SYNEGO profile system is treated with high-quality
finishing technology (HDF), so the window surface looks new every day, is resistant
to dirt and easy to maintain. The composite materials used on the surface give the
windows a diamond shine. Your windows not only stay clean longer but are also easy
to clean. With the REHAU SYNEGO profile system, it is very easy to choose an
individual solution, as there are various architectural choices - shapes, colors, and