Wood-aluminum product systems

Are you looking for natural, durable, heat-retaining windows and doors that not only
provide a sense of comfort but also a sense of aesthetic pleasure? We offer you
exclusive windows and doors made of glued core Wood, a composite material frame
that improves the thermal properties of the window and aluminum from the outside,
which protects the Wood window Wood from the effects of the atmosphere. The
combined properties of Wood and aluminum meet all the requirements for durability
and safety of structures, long-term preservation of value and easy maintenance.

Wooden windows and doors forged with aluminum - a reliable investment for life. It
is a modern and up-to-date combination of two materials that is usually adapted - in
shape, size and color - to the chosen home exterior design. The functionality of the
combination of these two materials allows to create the coziness of home, maintaining
the traditions of Wood, but at the same time, giving the design a sense of modern


Pine ( studded )
Pine (not studded )

Bindings „Assa“, „IPA“, „PN“, „GU“

Aluminum is an environmentally
friendly, fully recyclable
material. The aluminum material is
durable and extremely easy to
maintain. The special coating
protects the Wood from scratches
and harmful weather conditions:
rain, snow or sunlight. Aluminum
provides excellent safety and is fire
resistant. Moreover, the aluminum
material does not require any
special care: it is enough to wash
and clean them, it does not require
renewal or repainting. In the
production of window and door
systems, we use only high-quality


We offer a wide range of colors and one of the
leading manufacturers in the European paint
market - TEKNOS paints.
Wooden aluminum forged windows and doors can
be painted in any desired color from a wide range
of RAL and NCS and lacquer shades. Easy
processing of materials, gives unlimited
possibilities to create a modern exterior design
of any shape and color. Using a modern automatic
painting line and a manual painting wall, you
can prim, paint, oil, varnish or impregnate your


We install glass packages that meet the highest

quality standards in our products. In the wide
offer, you will find the brands of famous glass
package manufacturers. Modern glass packages
have a particularly high thermal insulation (up
to Uw = 0.56), which allows us to produce
windows that meet the requirements of a passive
house. The thermal conductivity
coefficient Uw <= 0.8 W / m2K of such Wooden


CoTO 48 system

CoTO 48 system

Coto 62 system

Coto 62 system