"ARLANGA" currently unites 4 companies: "ARLANGA", "ARLANGA Wood",
"ARLANGA pvc" and "ARLANGA Alu". We are the largest group of window manufacturers in Lithuania, working with all 3 types of windows - wooden (including bonded with aluminum), plastic and aluminum windows.
All companies have extremely high production potential and invaluable quarter -
century experience. We have probably accumulated the most experience
by working in the Scandinavian markets, where extremely high criteria for quality are
set. All "ARLANGA" companies have certificates of conformity of products issued in Scandinavia.
We are proud of our loyal partners, who have allowed "ARLANGA" to grow,
strengthen and occupy leadership positions. For each of them
we guarantee exceptional attention, satisfied expectations, safety, and the highest
comfort when using our products.
We constantly invest not only in production equipment and buildings, but also in
employees, smooth processes, and environmental protection. All of this -
For and because of You!
In the year 1995, we have started our activities as UAB "Plasmeta", having acquired a
PVC window production line from the German company "Rotox".
In 1998, we have acquired 2 more production lines and started producing aluminum
structures and wooden windows.
In the first year of operation, we sold the manufactured products only in the local
market. A small market, with small projects allowed us to understand that if we want to grow and expand, we need to look for new markets.
In 1999, we happened to meet customers from Denmark: they were looking at
Lithuanian window manufacturers at that time. We discussed
opportunities to produce Scandinavian-type windows and export our manufactured
products. We soon produced the first sample products and, after receiving a positive evaluation, we have
completed the first orders. Production volumes began to grow, so we realized that in order to establish ourselves in the Scandinavian market, we need to invest and grow ourselves. When we have gained
space and production capacity, we moved all production to Gargždai. We also started
cooperating with customers from Norway.
In 2002, we decided to stop working in the local market and focus solely on exports.
The same year we started working with customers in the UK and Faroe Islands. We focused only on
the production of wooden windows.
In 2002, we also started to produce plastic windows for the markets of other
Scandinavian countries in Gargždai. The same year shareholders were redistributed and the "Plasmeta" company was renamed "ARLANGA wood"

In 2014, in place of the old window factory in Gargždai, a completely new, modern 5,500 sq. m factory was built.
In 2017, we invested in new equipment and started to produce aluminum windows, doors and facades.
In 2020, we also founded "ARLANGA Alu", which produces aluminum window constructions. Shortly after the establishment of "ARLANGA Alu" we have established contacts with new partners in Iceland, which have opened up opportunities to work in this market as well as further expand the geography of the company.