Company achievments

The company aims to:

  • continuously improve the quality management system in accordance with the
    requirements of LST EN ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 standards;
  • anticipate and meet consumer needs and expectations;
  • improve production technology and to improve work organization;
  • develop employees responsibility for the quality of work and products,
  • enable employees to work efficiently and productively.

Scandinavian type windows:

  • Open to the outside;
  • Glued beam or solid wood is used for production;
  • Closing hooks or simple folding or locking handles are used;
  • Various window opening methods can be selected as required.

Customer focus, quality products, lowest possible environmental impact.
The priority of UAB ARLANGA wood is to be a reliable partner for customers,
suppliers, and the public. The company works to ensure product quality, seeks tools
and ways to make the production process efficient and flexible, and to meet customer
expectations and needs.
Employees, regardless of their position and level of education, are involved in a
continuous process of quality improvement.
In order to have a high work culture, be responsible in using advanced technology in
the company, the company's management undertakes to:

  • Follow the approved standards of the company quality
    management system;
  • Work in accordance with the normative documents valid in the Republic of Lithuania, European Union directives;
  • Provide the necessary resources for the maintenance and improvement of the
    quality system;
  • Continuously review and improve quality policies and objectives;
  • Focus on the consumer, with a strong focus on meeting his needs and
  • Improve production technology, implement technical innovations;
  • Develop the responsibility and professionalism of employees, to
    systematically raise their qualification;
  • Recognize the merits of employees, encourage their initiative to achieve
    higher results;
  • Create conditions for employees to work productively, ensuring social
    guarantees and a benevolent atmosphere of mutual understanding.