About ARLANGA wood

Products of the highest quality and exclusive design, produced by the ARLANGA team, which has
been accumulating experience in the window and door system industry for more than 20
years. Through many years of experience, we have noticed that when customers find the most
suitable solution for the interior of their home, prices remain in the background. In the first place
comes the condition of quality and comfort, by fulfilling which we try to produce only products that
meet the highest standards. In cooperation with our customers, we try to meet their expectations and
constantly remind us that Wooden windows are an investment in improving the quality of life and
longevity. We produce high quality Wooden windows and doors, which have long become a sign of
stylish luxury. Wood is a natural, ecological material with excellent thermal insulation, ensuring a
constant level of humidity in the room, providing coziness and aesthetic pleasure. The technology
used in the production of Wooden windows not only helps to reveal all these good features, but also
allows us to create an unlimited variety of shapes, colors and non-standard technical solutions from
Wood that will meet the different needs of customers. 
Our team works with clients all over Europe, trying to find the most suitable solution, both when
looking for windows for a log house, sauna or garden house, and when considering modern
windows for your patio. We produce Wooden windows with not only a delicate, non-standard

design, but also excellent technical properties. We exclusively offer Wooden windows that can be
installed in passive (without active heat source) houses. Even large windows of this type ensure
high energy efficiency and surprising thermal resistance. 
The range meets European window and door characteristics and safety standards. Our team in
cooperation with local and foreign partners offers only certified products - with CE marking, DVV
(Danish Window Verification), NDVK (Norwegian Door and Window Control). That's why we
work with customers all over Europe.

The company's activities

  • Using modern production methods and high technologies, we can accept unique, unitary projects.
  • Make windows and doors of non-standard sizes and shapes.
  • Especially high- quality products, are particularly in demand in foreign countries.
  • Today, the company exports most of its products to Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Latvia, Iceland and other countries.
  • From 1997 y. we produce various sizes, shapes of European (opening inwards) and Scandinavian (opening outwards) the type of windows and doors.
  • Working with foreign partners, our company offers only certified products - with CE marking, DVV (Danish Window Verification), NDVK (Norwegian Door and Window Control) Associations to which we belong.

Since 2010 June UAB ARLANGA Wood is a member of the Danish Association of Window

Associations to which we belong
Since 1999 May 28 the company is a member of the Republican Association of
Window and Door Manufacturers. This association unites the best manufacturers of
windows and doors and suppliers of materials.
Since 2010 June UAB ARLANGA Wood is a member of the Danish Association of
Window Manufacturers.